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I thought once Uranus hit my DSC to the degree, something would happen involving relationships. Definite up and downs financially the past 2 years. Job routine changes. Things that I dearly valued once no longer matter. My sun and mer r in Cappy early degrees, in 10th house. Could u please let me know what will go up in air? We moved into our first house a month ago. And it will hit my sun exactly in my 12th next year. Then I proceeded to have dreams about car vandalism, potential rape and murder and car bombings.

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Fuck my life. Uranus is transiting my natal 6th. What I am wondering is if the retro Uranus will slow things down. I could use a break. No sooner does something come into my head, than it materializes. Sometimes in not so nice ways. I am at a high creative level which is good, but I would like things to materialize in my own time instead of being thrust upon me. I think this 10th house Uranus in Taurus stationing is going to impact me big time! Any suggestions?

Uranus transiting 8 house… opposing natal Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Pluto. I understand there is work to be done, but get me some sleep first, I need some rest to keep going. Surpizes on the way! Natally, Uranus is in a wide square to my otherwise unaspected natal Moon 13 degrees Taurus. Uranus rules my 4th, IC. My husband has been away at least half of the week since January; negotiations for this work commitment began in around August of last year.

Before that he was away on another assignment every fortnight. Unfortunately for me, my 7th and 12th are both ruled by Venus in Leo in 10th. Everyone I have a with is normally on the internet, in public or in their careers. Being a Cancer Sun, this is not satisfying at all.

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The saving grace in this situation is my Sun conjunct an exalted and happy Jupiter; I tend to have adventures, be they alone or with other people. And as you probably already notice, I have a philosophical bend. Uranus is trolling my 8th where my moon sits at 10 degrees. Ive been in a very intimate friendship with a Scorpio 8th house…ugh!


Its caused me aloooooot of pain but I wouldnt have missed it for the world. I learned alot about myself. Im looking to move in with my son to repair my heart from this unrequited love situation and my finances. This retrograde also will affect my Aquarian Saturn in the 5th at 5 degrees, my Taurus moon at 10 degrees and my venus Scorpio in my 2nd house at 9 degrees. Oh and my north node in leo at 7 degrees in the 11th…. Did I mention my Saturn Return will be here starting March ?

Sparks are flying everywhere, spiritually, mentally and physically. This could impact several things in my live-it will also be exactly opposite my NN in my 12th Scorpio-ruled by Pluto which is in my 9th house-where my natal Uranus sits. Do you see the correlations and the potential ricochet? So daily routines, health could be impacted-for better or worse-my Spiritual development could take an uptick or a breakthrough maybe if not break down or change in someway and luckily my Pluto is in Virgo so is supported though widely by 6 degrees.

And on top of that it will trine my Venus in Capricorn in my second house so could effect my money OR self esteem in some way. This hits my ASC at 5 degrees and opposes N. Uranus at 8 deg. Also have N. Chiron 4 , Venus and Mars both at 1.

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Im Hoping that addressing and fixing my health, will fix my creativity as well. All 1st house. Ascendant 26 degrees libra. Mars 8 degrees Pisces in my fifth.

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Since Uranus has moved through Taurus, I feel less inclined towards the options of relationships in my life. That would make me more happier than say… A marriage proposal. Both of the retrogrades hit my 10th house. Have been waiting on Full-time and a raise to what I am worth for at least a few months now.

I almost want to try a completely different field, but have nothing pulling me. Not sure I should put a lot of effort in as with Uranus retrogrades it sounds like there could be several changes in a relatively short period of time.

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You have to look deeper with Uranus and any changes required might not be immediately obvious and not surprisingly we do need to look to where we can affect positive change with our own influence on the collective level for example, what we need to do to save our planet! Look where you can unlock potential by working with the planets associated with your Midheaven. Go beyond identity and career and discover how these angles — and their associated planets — describe a focus and purpose for your life. These angles and their planets have the power to inspire or prod you forward into the world.

Learn the true meaning of the angles. Also,Progressed MC is opposite natal Uranus in virgo. Uranus is like a wake up call but it goes really,really fast sometimes so I need my seatbelts on and especially take good care of myself. This is definitely a big time of changes for me. Basically Uranus is conjunct my MC and squaring all my other cardinal house cusps. In a word, finding any stability or peace in any aspect of my life right now is a constant effort of staying in the moment, trusting in the universe and having faith for better things to come. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me when new comments are added. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Here are details… Uranus retrograde — August 11, 6 degrees Taurus Uranus stations direct — January 11, 2 degrees Taurus Please note, Uranus will turn direct at the same time Saturn and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn. Uranus will station 6 degrees Taurus, not once but twice! What house is Uranus transiting in your chart? You may also like. We are changing software pretty soon.

This seems fairly relevant. North Node and Chiron will also be retrograde. The Water signs are emotional and sentimental, and the Pisces and Aquarius natives are also full of sensibility and imagination, confusion, and feelings. There is difficult compatibility between Mercury and Pisces but even more challenging with the retrograde motion of Mercury in Aquarius.

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With Mercury retrograde in the Water signs, we can expect some revisions of the unconscious emotional patterns of thinking. What makes you feel secure — allegiance?

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And when do you tend to react out of habit, without thinking? Mercury retrograde in Pisces or Aquarius will make you aware of these things, allowing you to correct them, or do some psychological cleaning. There is already some panic in the specialized press, especially online, on the topic of Mercury retrograde in Pisces.

Astrology is not meant to scare anyone, is not meant to terrify us about the future, or to scare us that everything we love or build will be lost or destroyed.

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