The July full blood moon isn't actually bloody, even though the fallout from the lunar eclipse might make it feel otherwise. The blood moon gets its name from the reddish hue it takes on when the Earth and sun align and block light to the moon. Historically, superstitious people attribute blood moons to misfortune, kind of like the chaos that ensues in the movie Practical Magic after a blood moon. While seen as unlucky, it's likely that calamity is associated with blood moons because the fear that something bad is going to happen causes people to make poor choices.

What's more, the planets that influence the eclipse also play a role in how a blood moon and lunar eclipse affect you. A more gentle influence from Saturn will make it a little easier to calm down, and some fixed stars give patience and decisiveness in a crisis. However, these same stars can also cause aggression and emotional problems. What's more, the July total lunar eclipse is the longest lunar eclipse this century, which only intensifies its cosmic energy.

Basically, a lunar eclipse is like a full moon hopped up on more coffee than Lorelai Gilmore drinks in a year. It's strong AF, and spares no one. So, let's break it down. You'll be one day into the July Mercury retrograde cycle when the overly-caffeinated blood moon arrives on the scene to make you feel even more bajigitty. If you can stay home and pull the covers over your head July 26 to 27, that would be ideal. However, the news isn't all bad. While it might be painful, as transformations tend to be, the July blood moon is akin to a hard reset for your emotions.

If things have been building to an unbearable crescendo the past six months, the blood moon and lunar eclipse can give you a clean slate. Though there might be tears, this karmic experience will actually help you rid yourself of some unwanted emotional baggage. Think of it like a cleanse for your soul. A solar eclipse always precedes a lunar eclipse, and this month it happened July This means the eclipse energy is already underway.

If you've been feeling out of sorts, the July eclipse cycle is likely to blame. Eclipses can be even more disorienting when you're not aware they're happening. During the eclipse cycle, there was so much hype about the total solar eclipse in August because it was visible to almost everyone that you were likely prepared to experience some eclipse side effects. When eclipses aren't visible in your hemisphere, you're not paying as much attention, which means it's easy to get blindsided by their unstable energy.

During this particular lunar eclipse, your emotions will be in overdrive.

Your Guide to Lunar & Solar Eclipses in 12222 and How They’ll Affect Your Life

Passion will be more powerful, anger can be explosive, sadness and frustration might feel overwhelming, and moments of happiness are likely to be euphoric. I'm not going to lie; it's going to be rough. However, the silver lining is that it's part of the growing pains necessary for caterpillars to emerge from their cocoons as beautiful butterflies. Even if you feel like you're stumbling around in the dark, in the words of the late Leonard Cohen, "There is a crack in everything. The 2nd house is also one of the houses of education that governs especially ancient traditions that were passed on verbally.

Sunday, November 3: Daylight savings time ends in North America at 2AM this early morning, where the clocks are turned back one hour. Thankfully this adjustment into earlier nightfall not only grants extra time on Monday morning, but this reset to a more merciful natural clock sheds a burden of a construct that was imposed to increase factory-age productivity. Monday, November 4: Today Jupiter changes signs. For the past year, since October 11, , Jupiter has been in the sign of sidereal Scorpio. Today, Jupiter, changes signs and enters sidereal Sagittarius until November 20th, As the expansive and grace-bestowing planet that is known as The Great Benefic, Jupiter today enters its own sign.

Here it feels fully at home, especially stable, and thus becomes capable of delivering its best effects.

Mars enters Scorpio

To read more about how this transit may affect you more individually, please scroll to the forecast for Jupiter at the bottom of this page. Monday, November Today Mercury transits in front of the Sun. Mercury passes between the Sun 13 times each years, where the next time this transit will take place will be Mercury is the planet that governs information, communications and the media, where this transit suggests effects of an increased unnaturalness or manipulation around how information is conveyed within the collective, in terms of its accuracy and transparency.

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Very interestingly, the last time that Mercury passed directly in front of the Sun was in May This was in the months leading right up to the last U. This star has meanings of gestation and hidden growth or brewing situations that often get revealed with suddenness.

A situation that has been quietly developing may be out in the open today with an element of the unexpected. Saturday, November The Sun enters sidereal Scorpio: important practical beginnings are traditionally avoided on days of solar ingress. Monday, November The Moon will pass through its monthly unsteady low-point of debilitation in early sidereal Scorpio today, with the time of deepest debilitation at PM EST.

12222 Featured Eclipses

The planetary influences at the time of the New Moon give an indication of the themes that will characterize the next 30 days. Today the Moon is in the lunar mansion of Anuradha Nakshtra, a community-minded star that is associated with Mitra, a compassionate patron deity of friendship, contracts and meetings.

The month ahead may bring a collective setting where within striving towards practical goals there is a mood of acknowledgment and appreciation for all those who have contributed along the way. This also may be a time of a cycle when some personal connections see a parting of ways while others deepen and develop. Welcome to the mire of Mercury retrograde — opposite you until the 21st — more of which shortly.

Yearly Horoscope

New alliances and friends come along to displace worn-out associations. Such is the backdrop for November, when the Sun opposes you from Scorpio until the 23rd along with that moody Mercury and, from 19th, Mars. All of which asks you to handle your one-on-ones with rare finesse.

Compromise — not always a Taurean virtue — is required, even if you feel undervalued. Merely digging in your heels only serves to drive others away. The retrograde Mercury until the 21st requires a detailed retrace of recent agreements, but nothing happens in a hurry. A whirlwind affair is on the cards with Mars in Scorpio, but if you insist on getting into disputes, expect to find yourself outgunned. Mars in Scorpio can be a wily bruiser. You can always opt for industriousness as a way out of personal jams. The heavyweight planets in Capricorn are about to get heavier, and approaches to the status quo of your profession are promised a cordial reception.

An international dimension may well be involved. In November the giant planet completes its year-long transit of Sagittarius, hopefully granting you a stroke of good fortune as it departs. More reliable is the opposition of Venus between November 2 and 26, an opportunity to make peace overtures to anyone with whom you are on the outs, and to marvel at the excellent company and meaningful looks you attract. With Mars likewise in a romantic spot until the 19th , your love life looks a high burn thrill.

If not, the cosmos is on your side to turn things around. The 14th and 15th look promising, as does the Venus-Jupiter conjunction of the 24th. The new Moon of November 26 is another spur to stay active. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is stuck in the mudflats of Scorpio, in your sixth house of work and good practice. Recent readjustments to your timetable are ongoing; use November to spruce up your infrastructure, tech and surroundings; you are looking for something Scandi- cool, case of clear of clutter, clear of mind.

Anything arty ticks the right boxes. Or feeling just plain stuck? Your horoscope gives you good reason for both emotions.

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The new Moon your governor of October 28 promises a lively month when you can feel at ease with yourself and your social circle, the latter in a state of happy flux as new contacts breeze along. Scorpio being a fellow water sign, and planets there nodding to distant Neptune in the third water sign, Pisces, spells dynamism.

Scorpio birthday parties call for your attendance.

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  • There are, of course, catches. Personal affairs and private business initiatives look more fruitful than official business. Many Cancerians have the dread duo of Saturn and Pluto in opposition, meaning the status quo at work is indifferent to your fate or actively blocking your progress. This too shall pass; brings a fresh perspective on seemingly intractable issues. Matters perk up once Mercury straightens out and Mars arrives in Scorpio to rock the party any party you can find will do.

    If you are in the dating game the stretch to new year puts you on the front foot, the hunter if you like. Existing partnerships are due a shake-up if they are to provide the nourishment you want. Take your pleasures seriously. To help move things along, Venus moves into opposition on November 26, and will be followed by Jupiter early in December. Meanwhile there is a new moon in Sagittarius, also on November 26; a straightforward affair asking only that you work at maximum efficiency and look after your health, which given the strain of all that partying, may need cossetting.

    Delays and distractions are the order for the first three weeks of the month. Hey ho.

    Mars in Libra until the 19th remains obliging for whipping up support and for trade and mutual backscratching. Venus in the Centaur is the stuff of grand romance, folks on white chargers and chestnut mares. The last week of the month, when Venus and Jupiter meet and a new Moon arrives, looks joyous and should carry you clear through to Christmas. A planetary picture steeped in earth signs like your own promises a helpful mood.